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CV. Toya Fiberglass (Jawa Timur, Indonesia)

Toya Fiberglass is a company manufacturing products with fiberglass base material that has been serving tens dozen years a faithful customer in Indonesia. Our existence begins with the establishment of the UD.BIMA REKSA in 1994 in Surabaya with Toyo brand of fiberglass products. The products we produce waste water treatment plants, water tanks and a variety of other products made ​​from fiberglass.

We are committed to continuing to serve and contribute and build this country, to support performance and to provide services to you, in 2004 we began to establish branch offices in various major cities in Indonesia.

In 2012, we changed the name brand TOYA FIBERGLASS. Powered superior technical design and trust of customers, products Toya has now been used for applications in a wide variety of corporate, residential, hotel, and famous hospitals in various regions in Indonesia.


Menjadi perusahaan terkemuka di bidang sanitasi dan pengolahan air limbah


menyediakan produk sanitasi dan pengolahan air limbah yang berkualitas, bergaransi dan harga kompetitif


jln.Raya Taman barat No 12 A , Taman, Sepanjang Sidoarjo 61257
Jawa Timur , Indonesia


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